A Lesson in Hard Wax

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16 Reacties op A Lesson in Hard Wax

  1. MischoBeauty schreef:

    You are the BEST!? Thank you so much- I really appreciate it!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. msesthy schreef:

    thank? you….and it was my pleasure making it…if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

  3. relaxandbewaxed schreef:

    Terrific, great vid, thank? you sooooo much :-)))))))

  4. relaxandbewaxed schreef:

    thank you, you’ve covered? all my qs :-)))

  5. msesthy schreef:

    Thank you for stopping by to view the vids…if you have? any other questions…please feel free to ask. I am here for you.

  6. AmandasMakeup schreef:

    i stoped waxing my eyebrows because my skin get irritated with it. i started threading but moved away from were i used to get? it done. would you recomend this kind of wax for eye brows?

  7. msesthy schreef:

    Hi Amanda,

    To answer your question honestly I can’t be sure w/out knowing your skin.

    there are several reasons why you could have been irritated with the strip wax. The temperature of the wax itself may have been too hot, or the wax was contaminated. If they don’t practice double dipping this is also possible or that you may be allergic to wax.

    since hard wax doesn’t “stick” to the skin i’ve been successful in using it w/ my clients. to be totally safe you can always do tweezing.?

  8. jessicaef27 schreef:

    where? can i get those bags of hard wax?? Thanks

  9. msesthy schreef:

    Hi Jessica, i ordered those bags of wax from depil flax…it’s in florida. thanks for? asking.

  10. mianshiraz1 schreef:

    hi thanx for uploading the video. can u please tell me the company name for the green hard wax that u used in the video thanx.?

  11. msesthy schreef:

    thank you.?

  12. msesthy schreef:

    mianshiraz1 i believe i was using clean and easy’s acai berry hard wax.?

  13. Sizz13 schreef:

    Which is better to use? for the bikini line, hard wax, or strip wax?

  14. stopreadingthisok schreef:

    i have an important question…i tend to break out right when the hair is starting to grow back.. i wax but i dont use a pre or after lotion or anything…. like right when my hair? is growing back i break out and itch badly..do u know why? a reply would be much appreciated..thank you

  15. redshorty3 schreef:

    You are the best! I bought hard wax a really long time ago and didn’t know how to use it. Your? video helped answer so many questions. Thank you!

  16. apothecary21c schreef:

    Very informative video. Thanks for the instructions! I’m planning to try hard wax for the bikini area and this video helps a lot. ?

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