Applying wax on BMW 5 Series

Applying wax on a client’s 5 Series

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11 Reacties op Applying wax on BMW 5 Series

  1. carsnkars schreef:

    nope… bought the actual Vintage? wax…

  2. carsnkars schreef:

    Just that we transfer the amount that we wanna use for the whole car? into an empty Concours container.. so it will not make the Vintage wax messy..

  3. COLEYAH schreef:

    im interested to apply vintage on my car, but why waxing by? hand?

  4. carsnkars schreef:

    1stly, with the heat from the hand, it melts the wax and bonds to? the paintwork faster.
    2ndly, with the even spreading, it gives better end results.
    3rdly, it dramatically reduce any accidental scratches by any grit that happens to be on the car surface, as you can feel the surface while applying the wax.

  5. COLEYAH schreef:

    thanx? alot

  6. GhostMoto schreef:

    can? u put video with tutorial how to prepare vintage to apply on to the car?

  7. burritomaker69 schreef:

    could you help me out with how to wax a car Im new? and would like to know

  8. sicandmorfacbani schreef:

    free games at? your choice from the appstore ? simply go to iphoneshare,org #OMG

  9. theonlyonexxx schreef:

    what does wax d?o looks to me like it? was same after and before.

  10. j8yba schreef:

    is this a trailer for? karate kid 5??

  11. MonkeyWrench1989 schreef:

    I know it’s an old video but it’s nearly impossible for body temp? to melt carnauba wax….unless you’re made of fire.

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