Car Washing & Detailing : How to Wax a Car by Hand

Waxing a car by hand requires the use of liquid wax or paste wax, a damp wax pad and a circular motion that goes with the grain of the car. Learn about waxing a car one panel at a time with help from the owner of a car detailing business in this free video on waxing cars by hand. Expert: Diesel Contact: Bio: Diesel is the owner and operator of 4U2C Detailing. He has owned his own business since 1998, and has been detailing cars for over 20 years. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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25 Reacties op Car Washing & Detailing : How to Wax a Car by Hand

  1. JMRWIGGLES schreef:

    @mr richierich, for people like me who live over seas, this is very useful!! thanks for postin this!!

  2. beastly789100 schreef:

    @MrRichierich1990 to keep youtube free

  3. S2k2003 schreef:

    The man say’s “you shouldn’t wax in the sun”, but he does so anyhow, then at the end of the video, he says, “this is how you detail a car in the hot, hot, hot Atlanta sun???

    Go figure.

  4. S2k2003 schreef:

    I’m with the guy that said, “…y would u ruin a classic car? with those rims?”

    Those are freakishly large wheels. The fact is, if you hit even a small rock on the road, the wheel(s) would bend. Those wheels are not designed for functionality at all. Not only that, there is so little air between the contact patch and the road, the result is a very bumpy ride.

    The paint looks great, but sorry bro, those wheels got to go.

    Peace out dog

  5. Zlyzer schreef:

    All this racism and negativity is disgusting and actually quite upsetting. Why can’t we all just enjoy constructive chat about something we all obviously have an interest in? You never see this kind of thing on forums.. I’ve watched and loved Youtube for years now, but lately this kind of thing has been becoming increasingly annoying for me. Who are the people who are posting these comments anyway? I suspect they’re all pre-pubescent tools with mountains of homework building up..

  6. computer1900 schreef:

    thanks a lot – clear video and very informative

  7. LOGINKPW schreef:

    I have been learning how to detail my own car, but I don’t have the ability to do so indoors – yet. All of my practice has been outdoors, using products that can be used even in direct sunlight. So far, so good. Except I haven’t detailed the engine, but then that can be especially risky.

  8. rifleman795 schreef:


  9. SuckMyTrace schreef:

    @rifleman795 The direction that the paint is layed on the car

  10. rekanpro schreef:

    fk you

  11. jsimone1320 schreef:

    car is hot your not

  12. Rex7980 schreef:

    thank you, very helpful information

  13. evilmagic43 schreef:

    @MrRichierich1990 to keep youtube free!

  14. mush1955 schreef:

    Why is it that when i found a car wax ….6 mnths later they stop making it ?

  15. lokichaos2 schreef:

    @mush1955 lol well it does depend what brand you are using. Many prefer mothers, Meguiars, pinnacle…or if you want something really good try swissvax waxes.

  16. warfreak88 schreef:

    Its a good thing you dont swirl your pad when waxing. Going in straight lines will leave a cleaner look on the car and doing swirls by hand increase chances of swirl marks.

  17. Giiirappa schreef:

    nice car bro 😉

  18. PhanNTran schreef:

    @MrRichierich1990 so youtube can stay free…

  19. triumph209 schreef:

    This video would be better with bikini clad babes doing the waxing.

  20. dillonmerritt schreef:

    Very simple and easy instruction, much appreciated Diesel!

  21. bober9989 schreef:

    he is the only usefull guy on ehow

  22. BrianNeathery schreef:

    i use that exact same wax

  23. krosure schreef:

    @MrRichierich1990 The people who are partnered make money for having advertisements on there videos

  24. jduenas32 schreef:

    Good video… Oh and the truck and car are sick!!!

  25. SoSayethTheMan schreef:

    Lovely car…not sure ‘bout them rims though, dawg.

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