Car Waxing tutorial

Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast podcast demonstrates her technique for claying and waxing her cars. I know, it has nothing to do with the Macintosh, but it’s her other obsession!

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  1. HondaSllK schreef:

    Very amateur, the clay bar is meant to kneed. and flatten like a pancake and insert in the palm of your hand so it follows the profile of the curves in the sheet metal. RULE #1 DON’T DROP THE CLAY!!

  2. gshdrums schreef:

    as a professional detailer…this is pretty scary…

    Dropping clay….fail
    Waxing in sunlight….fail
    waxing diff sections of the car all the time….fail
    Smeary wax?…fail

    God i could keep going

  3. daniellandgrens schreef:

    This succed:-) AS the one before say. Many errors and japping^^ but i like many of Meguiars products but shall be theyrer proffesion collection. OFten bought in gallon bottles. Really nice ones many of them. Have fun with yor cars peeps.

  4. Trox3985 schreef:

    What kind of wax do you recommend? I bought this eagle one nano crap because it said it was good for paint swirls but it did nothing. I guess the shine looks better but it didn’t fix the swirls.

  5. itsmecodyp schreef:

    But her sexiness makes up for her damn stupidness =) lol

  6. mikesfastgt schreef:

    Most people say dont wax in the sun, but I’m a professional detailer and I say you have to be fast to do it. some waxes allow you to. finally someone who uses meguiars good job! there the best. At least you take care of your car, my wife goes all summer without cleaning her car and my stang gets waxed once a week! I clay every car before it gets waxed. my stang gets clayed once in spring after i pull it out of storage.

  7. roykim78 schreef:

    you gotta use a polisher to remove swirls…preferrably with a porter cable. A good wax is pinnacle souvern wax. Bit pricy but well worth it.

  8. markeeto schreef:

    atleast you spend time working on cars most girls just pump gas and drive em… the reason they smear is cause the wax didnt have enough time to dry. could be cause of waxing in the sun… use the swipe test, if it smears its not ready, if it doesnt then its ready… keep shining!

  9. nosillacast schreef:

    wow – I’ve actually started to dread comments because people give me such a hard time, nice to hear from someone who actually appreciates how hard I work on this! thanks Markeeto!

  10. TTBlackOPS schreef:

    You really need to invest in better products. Microfiber towels from Costco are terrible. nothing you can buy in any local part store or commercial store works. Try Products by Menzera, Klasse, Black Fire and Hi-Temp. You will never get professional results like that, you put in the work so you should reap the rewards. you wont with the crap you are using.

  11. meaty220 schreef:

    It’s good to see a woman who is enthusiastic about car detailing. The demostrations and explanations are appreciated, as I am always trying to correct and/ or improve my own techniques.

  12. ZXRaziel schreef:

    If you drop something on the ground , dont use it again .

  13. Vstar4me schreef:

    @nosillacast I understand, the Boys do talk ruff tuff shop talk, but if you can get past that, there is ALOT of great info. I have learned alot from watching this Black Dude ” Junkman”, he walks you thru as beginner every step, you might really enjoy him too.
    Keep up the hard work! you are on your way to being a pro. Type in ” slow cut ” and you can find “Junkman” here on youtube.

  14. basspumpindj schreef:

    the wax gets smeary because you dont let it dry and bond to the need to wait at least 15-20 minutes before removing the wax

  15. dutchmaya88 schreef:

    why would u waste ur time and wax that piece of junk on ur left lady ? cute ur 80’s haircut 🙂 wink wink

  16. salmaahmed69 schreef:

    Great ideas and simple explanation for ladies .. thanks a lot.

  17. johndeerebuck schreef:

    arent you suppose to apply and take off the wax in a front to back motion, like the direction that the wind flows over yyour vehicle ??? i dont think your suppose to do circular motion, but im just wondering,

  18. canadamtlfla schreef:

    nice to finally see a women for once caring about how her car looks!

  19. mickblock schreef:

    @johndeerebuck User dependent. Continuous coverage is what matters.
    People say it matters. I say it don’t. Car’s aren’t made a’ wood.

  20. theRDRman schreef:

    good your using meguiar’s gold class. good stuff. if its bumpy the car needs a clay kit. meguiars smooth surface clay kit. dont use mothers though lol. flatten ur clay its easier. glad you use meguiars

  21. theRDRman schreef:

    @gshdrums hey buddy how is meguiars fail. fuck you

  22. gshdrums schreef:

    @theRDRman because there products are alot more pricey than cheaper stuff that craps all over it…….

  23. theRDRman schreef:

    @gshdrums dude meguiars is top notch

  24. gshdrums schreef:

    @theRDRman do use brands like ,duragloss, poorboys, dodo, autoglym, zaino, 303, Collinite, Nanolex.

    Most meguiars stuff is great, i love there washes and quick detailers, metal polishes, as for paint polishes and interior protectants, tyre shiens and so fourth….pretty average

  25. theRDRman schreef:

    @gshdrums why dont you use zaino? and the waxes are great

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