Detailing a Daihatsu Charade (

Busy weekend detailing my Dad’s Charade. Thought i’d give the new polisher a christening. Materials: DAS-6 Dual Action Polisher, Poorboys SSR1, Poorboys SSR2.5, Meguiars Showcar Glaze, Meguiars Techwax 2.0. Time: About 4 hours to detail half the car. It’s still not totally done as I write this.

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  1. faxmaciene schreef:

    You dont use a towel to clean off the wax you use a microfiber cloth to clean it! AND DONT TAPE THE BONNET

  2. HowieLy schreef:

    @faxmaciene Dude it’s a megs waxing towel. Try using a mf cloth on some quick drying glaze and write back. And i’m taping it for the benefit of viewers.

  3. crazytoys schreef:

    looks good bit more training and you could be a detailer .

  4. Hinloopen schreef:

    I understand with it being a ageing car and all, the paint will probably have some serious defects. But isn’t the speed with which you move the buffer more appropriate for a rotary buffer rather than a DA?

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