Dodo Juice Rainforest Hard Wax water beading

The wax is about 3 months old… On the paint are 3 layers of the wax I used it on Audi A4 b6..

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7 Reacties op Dodo Juice Rainforest Hard Wax water beading

  1. gshdrums schreef:

    how long did u? leave between layers?

  2. pflasterpower2 schreef:

    24 hours…one layer at the first evening and the next day, I have? made the second layer…then a week later the next layer

  3. gshdrums schreef:

    and you? do know its a soft wax right…

  4. pflasterpower2 schreef:

    yeah? thats right but its called “hard wax” ok ? 😉

  5. gshdrums schreef:

    No its a? soft wax for all paints, Hard Candy is the hard wax for all paints…

  6. pflasterpower2 schreef:

    ah ok could be my? mistake, I don’t now the really rigthe name because there are too much of them 😀

  7. gshdrums schreef:

    i do it for a living lol….yeh there? are alot of them it can get confusing

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