How to Apply Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax (UQW- not UQD) to your vehicle! By Mark Kleis

This is a very straight forward video that covers the basics of applying Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax to your car. This is a new product that will blow your mind- it is far and away superior to any “spray wax” you have experienced before, including NXT Spray Wax. It goes on with ease, and leaves long lasting (I have gotten at least a month, video verified) of considerable beading and sheeting from a single application.

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19 Reacties op How to Apply Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax (UQW- not UQD) to your vehicle! By Mark Kleis

  1. fa1024 schreef:

    wrong wrong wrong you are supose to spread the product let it haze then? bufff dry

  2. Lumadar schreef:

    I work for Meguiar’s… I am a forum moderator.

    I was also in the garage with the director of training (he was the one filming me) and he told me the way I was doing it was perfectly fine.

    These videos are MY perspective of how to detail a car. They work? for me and MANY, MANY others as well.

    Is the “official” recommendation to let it dry to a haze first, and then wipe? Technically, yes. But the product can be used in more than one way and still perform exceptionally well.

  3. chimaera1855 schreef:

    tks a bunch for all ur vids i am also into car detailing business more as? a hobby.and ur vds are really useful tks again

  4. Lumadar schreef:

    No problem! Glad I could help :)?

  5. chimaera1855 schreef:

    after watching ur vid i went to the nearest ACE to buy the UQW.and what i have to say is wow what a really suprising product.i use a lot of their products and didn’t expect this kinda of result from a spray.meguiar’s tks for making my tvr super shining and? tks MARK for ur videos

  6. Lumadar schreef:

    Glad you liked the product, and the videos.

    Meguiar’s make some great stuff – especially their latest products. It makes it easy for guys like me? to look like we know what we’re doing 🙂

  7. Ash1955 schreef:

    @Lumadar Interesting you say that.
    I’ve just been on the UK Meguiars site and the instructions do say “simply mist on? and wipe off! Perhaps Meguiars should print this with more detail to save confusion!

  8. Lumadar schreef:

    The reason it is tricky is because technically the procedure developed for optimal longevity is to spread it, let it dry? briefly, and then remove it.

    But many have tested the product and found it is easier and just as effective (or close to it) to simply buff it into the paint in a single process.

    Try both processes, and see which works best for you. There is no wrong answer here 🙂

  9. Bladesting schreef:

    nice? shirt

  10. perrinsp schreef:

    if i am just got a new car n without polishing the car, can i use the ultimate quick wax right away onto my car after washing it?? or do i need to apply some polish onto it before using the quick wax? Am i allowed to use quick wax everyday after a car wash or use the quick detailer? confused with both of those items

  11. Lumadar schreef:

    Hi! you CAN use the UQW right after washing a new car, but the best plan would be to use a more durable traditional wax like NXT 2.0 first, and then use UQW to maintain the finish after each wash.

    You can use UQW as much as you like, just make sure? the surface is clean. UQD, by contrast, can be used to remove light dust and smudges.

    Does that answer your questions?

  12. 69chevymaro schreef:

    @fa1024 ya , you would know more than some who works? at Meguiars right?

  13. thehulk3010 schreef:

    is that? the new Ford Fiesta???

    the front looks like a small version of a Aston Martin DB9 LOL

  14. Lumadar schreef:

    @thehulk3010 The car in the video was a European-spec 2009 Ford Fiesta. I was one of 100 people in the? U.S. Ford let drive one a year before it went on sale.

    The U.S. version has a slightly different front fascia.

  15. thehulk3010 schreef:

    @Lumadar yeah ur? right, the from looks like it has a space for European license plates

  16. Lumadar schreef:

    @fa1024 @fa1024 I am one of the moderators for Meguiar’s own forum, Meguiarsonline, so I am more than a bit well-versed in how to use their products…it’s my job 😉

    As it has been explained there, you can do it both ways. I prefer this method by far. If you attempt to allow? the product to dry I find that it is prone to streaking, and/or it requires significant pressure to remove, thus increasing risk of adding swirls.

  17. Lumadar schreef:

    @Lumadar Oh, and the man? behind the camera was the DIRECTOR OF TRAINING for Meguiar’s…and the setting? The Meguiar’s Irvine headquarters. 🙂

  18. lst1195 schreef:

    Thanks for the demo. I just tried? it today & wanted to make sure I followed the directions correctly 🙂

  19. Mr8Sk8 schreef:

    skateboarding where? are you>?

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