How to Clean and Detail a Car : How to Wax a Car

The best car waxes are done by hand.Learn how to wash, clean and detail a car in this free video. Expert: Jose Zuniga Bio: Jose’s experience with gardening comes from growing up around his grandfather, who was an avid gardener and farmer. Filmmaker: Grady Johnson

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25 Reacties op How to Clean and Detail a Car : How to Wax a Car

  1. jeniska schreef:

    i am so glad this nob is not representing me and why is he trying to polish with wax you could write what he knows about detailing on the back of a postege stamp.

  2. 69streetboys schreef:

    the original cooler of my 500$ car is? just great!

  3. MrNickligger schreef:

    this wet back couldnt clean? a hot wheel

  4. DropDownLowrider schreef:

    How the fuck did you? sneak through security?

  5. templateforms schreef:

    Car valeting business form pack available from…

  6. 16GDSM schreef:

    @ISinisterI Ha! :]?

  7. 280iceman schreef:

    LOLOL he’s? a happy man LOLOOLOLOL

  8. wujek600kv schreef:

    Nie woskuje si? samochodu w pe?nym slo?cu to raz? a dwa, ?e wosk najlepiej naklada? aplikatorem a nie jaka? szmat? :/

  9. PJohnny76 schreef:

    Poor Jose, six months ago he was running drugs across the Tex_Mex? border for the cartels, and now this. lol

  10. rocker4u123 schreef:

    suprised it? wasn’t a honda with a fart cannon you could put a basketball in, dragging the ground, and 25 inch wheels.

  11. ourobourous2000 schreef:

    Danger, Danger………STAY AWAY FROM THE PLASTIC!!…..Woop, Woop
    Enjoy the? day, while your waxing your car with an old wank rag, LOL

  12. mikespike502005 schreef:


    The? paintwork will crack if the wax bakes on because of hot weather…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. aznwilly211 schreef:

    arent? you suppose to polish first and then wax….

  14. brokndeath schreef:

    Expert using a broken bottle? of wax LOL.

  15. Jx1x3 schreef:

    he said waxing a car under the sun will cack the paint…but than he just starts waxing it under the? sun!! what a fucking stupid ass

  16. stingray131002 schreef:

    i have a question for all you car enthusiasts out there, do you purchase any of your car detailing products? online? i’m a marketing student working on an automotive brief and for research reasons i am trying to find out what your online activity is like. the more responses the better!! so please don’t hesitate to provide feedback, cheers!

  17. ericvilendrer schreef:

    LOL what a fucking moron. This is NOT how you wax and “polish” a car.?

    This should be called “How To Scratch The Shit Out of Your Paint”

  18. MrSort11 schreef:

    @Jx1x3 if its? too hot outside

  19. rifleman795 schreef:


  20. Tupac1524 schreef:

    why does jose have so many haters lol.. hes such a? humble person

  21. nanoglz schreef:

    Stay away? from the plastic man!!!! Lol

  22. Scottwax schreef:

    More like village idiot than expert. ?

  23. godrilla schreef:

    Is this video a joke?

  24. isctony schreef:

    wrong, don’t apply wax in? circular motions, he is thinking about polish

  25. pojoe1975 schreef:

    This video? sux

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