How to clean RC Nitro Truck or Car

How to clean your RC nitro truck or car after you enjoyed an exciting dirt run adventure.

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25 Reacties op How to clean RC Nitro Truck or Car

  1. pbkid201 schreef:

    just soak it down with denatured alcohol and use strong compressed air to remove dirt and denatured rubbing alcohol

  2. TheChris1696 schreef:

    I was wondering, if you leave your truck or car dusty, can it rust parts? I have an electric traxxas ERevo and I made a front yard oval track and it gets all dusty…

  3. alishanmao schreef:

    @TheChris1696 dusty is ok but love your cars and keep them clean

  4. TheChris1696 schreef:

    @alishanmao Yeah, but I don’t want to clean all in the motor and wheels when I’m going back in the dust 🙂

  5. lahbl schreef:

    Another way is to use something like mineral turpentine in a spray bottle. Remove the electonics first though.

  6. tigger00025 schreef:

    do u just spray the endgen with wd40 all over ?

  7. ELITEFLEET03 schreef:

    break parts cleaner and air compressor to clean dirt off then use WD-40 to make parts look like they were new. PS: to other people watching this video DO NOT EVER take your air filter off while your cleaning it wait till after and do it then. one little speck of dust gets in the engine and its ruined

  8. salumlum schreef:

    @alishanmao i have bought the same truck for my first!!!! I made a very bad mistake leaving the igniter in the engine and it took off, flipped and landed on it…. the igniter is wrecked and when it is off and i move the truck forward or back it makes a “k k k” sound i think it is the gear that makes the wheels move… what is that called and please confirm if it is the right part. when i got it, it would turn on but when i accelerate it would go a little and then turn off after 2 secondsPM ME

  9. fitzgeraldsfire schreef:

    that was very helpful thanks

  10. Previous1Next2 schreef:

    whenever you are washing your wheels, i would cover the holes with tape or something like that so no water gets in the tire and adds weight and unbalances the wheel…..

  11. bradyvice33 schreef:

    @salumlum Hey i have revo 3.3 and i got that wierd kkk nosie. turns out i a little rock stuck up under my gear and stripped the gear out. that might be a problem.

  12. MAUEN88 schreef:

    if you want to wash the whole car, can you just remove the servos and reciever cause i guess that the engine can get wet on the outside.
    and can you wash the brakes?

  13. alishanmao schreef:

    @MAUEN88 yes you can, just make sure, water doesn’t get inside the engine.

  14. MAUEN88 schreef:

    thank you!

  15. TheHondakid98 schreef:

    @Previous1Next2 ya thats what i do. it might dry out if u let it set but i go ahead and use tape

  16. The2littlebastards schreef:

    cool thanks man!

  17. DoMM2401 schreef:

    Thx for your Experience.

  18. 300exkx8597cobrasvt schreef:

    @mgonzo700 aww i was goin to say that

  19. metalero19882 schreef:

    what i do(and i think it’s more effective) is take the engine, difs, planetarygears, and shocks off, take the chassis and dip it into water with soap and nothing more.

    the rest with gas oil and patience.


  20. thekandg33 schreef:

    what about compresser

  21. darkwolvesmusic schreef:

    is it ok to use wd-40 or the engine ?

  22. emil068f schreef:

    you forget to use air filter oil its an important part that holds out dust/dirt and things like that out better! its a must

  23. guccamain schreef:

    any1 use electrical cleaner? evaps quick and leaves no resin? has any1 tried it?

  24. nti7 schreef:

    could i use wd-40 to clean some parts of the car?

  25. frazzer1994 schreef:

    very good video as i go out with my car i always think of how dirty its gonna get and watch this near every time after i have been out to get some ideas of how to wash it. Thanks Ali 🙂

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