How to Fix a Scratched Xbox 360 game Disk with Car Wax

First off i want to say when it was scratch it would not let me play it would not read. after i cleaned it really hard, it let me play but it would not let me play online it would not read the disk. ok its 2am and shit im trying to fix my xbox because it has the red ring of death (RROD) i looked on youtube and found the penny trick and it works!!! holy shit it works! then after that i tried to adjust my xbox and i heard a loud ass scratching noise i panic and unplugged the power and then replugged it took the disk out and found some small circle scratches FML after just fixing the RROD i got perfect circle scratch lucky it was not that bad. i found through Ehow you can fix it with car wax good shit i had some. so its like close to 4 am and i thought i make a video on it. PS dont blame me if this doesn’t work for you im just filming what i read online and decided to do. this is where i found the tutorial i didn’t follow Ehow instructions i just did it like i was going buff my car heres how i did it : Step one: Clean it best you can with a dry cloth Step two: spray the wax on the disk and spread it evenly on the disk i think for deeper scratches you can spray alot and let it sit for a minute then remove it. Step three: rub off with normal cloth in a line motion away from the center of the disk. Step four: Spray more wax and use a micro fiber towel it really helps get the wax off so there’s no excess on the disk Step five:put the game in, cross your finger and

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25 Reacties op How to Fix a Scratched Xbox 360 game Disk with Car Wax

  1. syncflame schreef:

    @dragstrr I have only tried spray on wax

  2. jay67lee schreef:

    that shit worked meguiars nxt tech wax 2.0 liquid wax

  3. usuck219 schreef:

    Were did u buy that wax from

  4. syncflame schreef:

    @usuck219 some guy selling it in front of a store

  5. CoolPwner911 schreef:

    Can it b any type of car wax???

  6. syncflame schreef:

    @CoolPwner911 well i only tried spray on wax and some other users have used different stuff like turtle wax

  7. CarsonWallaceFilms schreef:

    Same game and the exact same problem

  8. nerdykid71 schreef:

    same game exact same problem nice 1 i need to fix it with car wax if i get to steal some from my mom 🙂 LOL

  9. MRexstile schreef:

    Thanks man… I have the same problem with the same game 2

  10. DarkZeroNemesis1 schreef:

    Don’t use turtle wax it drys to quick and then it will scratch it.

  11. ARMAND5779 schreef:

    Can u use turtle wax?

  12. syncflame schreef:

    @ARMAND5779 mmm idk try it let us know!

  13. halokilledall schreef:

    Great video it really works

  14. Jakeknowsbest2008 schreef:

    I just received Mortal Kombat from gamefly only to find out it didn’t work. Tried this method, only to find out I’d didn’t work either. Tried it again, but decided to let it dry for 20 minutes. And waaaa laaaaaa!! Presto, it works!! Thanks man!!

  15. Jakeknowsbest2008 schreef:

    Lol! Game froze, so I restarted it, only to see that it doesn’t work again. Go figure

  16. syncflame schreef:

    @Jakeknowsbest2008 man that really sucks sorry 🙁

  17. JLFrost865 schreef:

    I use turtle wax scratch and swirl remover and a low speed buffer and it takes the scratchs right off works great.

  18. MrKhmerchhun schreef:

    does it have to be the spray on car wax?

  19. syncflame schreef:

    @MrKhmerchhun So far i hear the grease waxed has not been any help

  20. slurpmeup123 schreef:

    Well this does work I used turtle wax and a pretective spray armonoiled or how ever u spell it and I let it dry for 10 min – 20 min and it worked and it’s was my mw2 that I tried this on and for all the people that didn’t get it to work do the swirl I know u thinks it scratches the disc but u have to if u want it to work and make sure u let it dry and toothpaste dose NOT work nor does hairspray

  21. slurpmeup123 schreef:

    Ohhh and it should be spray but it doesn’t have to be tried that on my HOMEFRONT game but it takes longer to work because u have to take a little bit of water to it and then put the wax on and wait a half an hour and there u go it works

  22. syncflame schreef:

    @slurpmeup123 thanks for you comment hope it helps out other viewers

  23. slurpmeup123 schreef:

    Welcome just trying to help

  24. togood4uCUNT schreef:

    samething happend to me

  25. TheOfficiallava schreef:

    Ok it worked for me. I used the grease wax and did it 3 times and waited 10 mins and now it works.

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