How to Hand Wax Your Car Video

Lead chemist, Craig Burnett from Mothers Polishes and Waxes, demonstrates in this video, how to properly maintain your vehicle’s painted surface. Demonstrating with FX Wax from Mothers, Craig shows us how to achieve a high gloss shine simply from hand waxing. Start with a cool, clean surface and a micro-fiber terry cloth towel or applicator pad found inside the wax container lid. Begin by applying a small amount of wax in a swirling motion and massage it onto the surface. Work within 2-3 square foot sections. Allow the wax to dry to a haze and using a scratch-free microfiber towel, remove and buff the waxed surface. Turn the towel frequently for best buffing action. Then stand back and admire your handy work. Treat yourself to the extra cash in your pocket because you, the DIYer, were smart enough to begin this hand waxing task at Pep Boys.

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4 Reacties op How to Hand Wax Your Car Video

  1. GIOOTO schreef:

    fuck up?

  2. ThePigfloyd schreef:

    One thing you should? NEVER do folks is set bottles or cans of wax on your car. Even though he places towels undr them it is very unprofessional as accidents can happen and mess up your paint job…

  3. ExstasyShok07 schreef:

    pfff those guys always use beautiful cars with no scratches ! a fuckin ferrari? this on a 12 years old renault clio or such and we will see the quality of your products ! pff

  4. agenthelios1 schreef:

    @ExstasyShok07 I always say the same thing. They use showroom garage babys that have never seen? rain or even sun. Shit…doesnt take much to make a car like that look amazing. I could use a piece of dog shit and smear it and rub off with a microfiber cloth and it will shine!

    Where are the REAL tests, on daily driver that has been through hell and back!

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