How to Strip and Wax A Floor

Professional custodian narrates as he strips and waxes a floor. Portions include gathering equipment, dust mopping, baseboard stripping, mixing floor finish stripper chemical, using 175rpm floor scrubber to agitate floor finish, wet vacuuming, rinsing and finally laying the floor finsh on the floor with a mop. Not product focused, this video has sound proceedures for stripping

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25 Reacties op How to Strip and Wax A Floor

  1. BABALAG00SH schreef:

    What? is the ratio for stripping solution to water?

  2. KeepColdwithCoolidge schreef:

    @BABALAG00SH: 32 ounces of stripping solution to one gallon of water is what mine suggests. However, you should just? follow the label directions on your particular stripping solution.

    It really just depends on how bad the floors are sometimes, too. I just did a building where the floors had been neglected for a long time; In this case, I barely dilluted the solution

  3. performance500 schreef:

    To make the stripper work better make sure you use hot water if? there’s a lot of wax on the floor

  4. fingersylist schreef:

    I’ve been told to add a cup? of vinegar to rinse water to neutralize the stripper so the fresh wax will bond better.

  5. narutoman999999999 schreef:

    As Special Projects worker for a company that does this and more, I’d say a neutralizing agent is best. Where I work we use Dibbs powder tabs. it can be used to neutralize stripper yes but its also good for extracting salt from entry rugs and for protecting the wax from salt and chemical spills during regular? care. (nice Side-by-Side by the way)

  6. GhostSpectre schreef:

    This video proves that everyone strips? and waxes differently.

  7. payagpeople schreef:

    nice video… i have a school report this afternoon My topic is how to strip and? wax the floor

  8. rwcobbs schreef:

    Nice video for safety use stripping shoe covers, go to any janitorial store. Another tip don’t let stripper dry and go heavy, also look at your work as you run buffer, if there is a yellow look on floor after you stripped floor, well this means? there is still wax on floor, the yellow look is why you are stripping wax, the wax is dirty.

  9. mkoost schreef:

    not wringing your mop will create air bubbles in the wax on the floor.?

  10. guanaco3208 schreef:

    after put the wax? how can I wash the mop? or with what? just with clean water? thanks!!

  11. GreatWesternSupply schreef:

    The finish mop can be washed out with plenty of water. If you intend on using the mop in a day? or two, you can place the mop in an air-tight plastic bag and it will stay moist and ready to use.

  12. PoopClown schreef:

    I like to put a heater in the water and stripper to get it nice and hot. It works much better. Also, if there is a lot of built up wax on the edges, the Doodle Pad isn’t going to work. You need to get down on your knees with a tool and dig in. I also flood rinse the floor with water after stripping, and then I wet mop it with neutral floor cleaner before I seal and wax? it.

  13. PoopClown schreef:

    @guanaco3208 I would rinse the mop real good and wash it by itself with no detergent. If your going to use the mop again soon, put it in a sealed? trash bag. It will keep it wet for a long time. And when in doubt, get a new mop head–they are not too expensive.

  14. karina032588 schreef:

    @PoopClown many thanks for your response! I have a question for you, after the floor stripper you have to rinse the floor with a neutralizer understand that! But I did not know before putting the wax is necessary to put a sealer on the floor? or is it optional? thanks!?

  15. PoopClown schreef:

    @karina032588 If you do not put a few coats of? sealer down, the tile will suck up the wax, and you will end up putting many coats of wax down. With the sealer, the wax is laid on top of it, and you only need approximately 4 coats. Also, the amount of wax finish depends on traffic too. When you do the edges of a floor (6 inches from the base board) only use 1 coat of sealer and 1 coat of wax. There is generally no traffic there, and when you go to restrip it, it comes off very easy.

  16. Memorymode schreef:

    I have a problem with yellowing when I’m only stripping/waxing one section of the? floor. Is there a way to avoid this?

  17. BudgetHomeandOffice schreef:

    Fantastic? tutorial. Great work.

  18. guanaco3208 schreef:

    how much can be charged for a job? like stripping,wax,spray buff,scrube? and recoat,? thanks!

  19. jguinther333 schreef:

    Using a BOOST machine will save the hassle of using the doodle bug. Considering that stripper is dangerous, you can resort to Stride neutral cleaner in hot or warm water. The company I? work for which became “green”(using chemicals that are better for the environment) no longer puts wax in a bucket like shown in this video, but rather pouring the wax from a bottle then using a flat mop.

  20. guanaco3208 schreef:

    @PoopClown hello,how can I do to prevent blow bubbles after? I put the wax?

  21. derekpeters04 schreef:

    you dont tell? how to run the scrubber

  22. pacificbuildingcare schreef:

    Sheep skit heads are easier to deal with, you can apply the wax right from the bottle on to the floor, instead of putting in a mop bucket. It goes on easier and there is no cleanup and also no need to put the remaining wax back into the bottle. Good? video though, thankyou

  23. toughallover85 schreef:

    My method is – lay folded towels at the end of a hallway/doorway with one layer of tape folded up against? the towels (barrier) across the floor. I use Johnson/Diversity Stripper. I usually flood the hell out of the floor with the stripper and keep mopping it around until you know it’s not slippery anymore. I then use hot water in the tank of my roto and flood the floor as well whiile stripping. I then do the baseboards and edges, suck up the water. rinse, rinse again, 5 coats, no fan.drys better

  24. xsandsnowx schreef:

    I always use Made n USA 3m black pads, rather than? cheap chinese junk. And i always tell our customers to sweep their stores a few times a day. If u can keep the dirt OFF the floor the finish, yes, it last longer.

  25. MrCla8n schreef:

    Lots of comments on using hot water for the? stripper. Does anyone actually read the labels? Hot water evaporates some of the agents in the stripper! I have yet to come across a stripper which says the hotter the better. You are to use COLD WATER. It acts as a catalyst for the stripper. Plus, when hot water hits the floor, it cools quite quickly, what good is that? Also, thinking if health, hot water will be giving off fumes, with stripper chemicals evaporating with it! Oh well-

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