How To Wax Your Car / Truck

Another Non-DJ video for ya This is the kind of stuff I enjoy doing in my off time. It’s not hard to do and can make your car or truck look fantastic! Enjoy!

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25 Reacties op How To Wax Your Car / Truck

  1. TheBigMomma101 schreef:

    Just like my dad, he has? polish for the headlights. Hilarious!

  2. iceykyle schreef:

    cool video!!?

  3. kloopda127 schreef:

    keep? them coming please. they help

  4. thaman667 schreef:

    Omfg, Just the translation function you will laugh ur ass? off for sure XD

  5. bOBBy7jAckson schreef:

    keep them? coming please, Hey my i hope that you read this i am a new Dj or trying to be one what can you tell me to help me? out. I am going to be buying Gemini CDM-3700G Dual CD Karaoke Mixing Console and Harbinger APS 15″ Powered PA Speaker DJ Package is this a good one for me to start out on?
    -Bobby Jackson

  6. briansredd schreef:

    @bOBBy7jAckson I’m not familiar with either of thoes pieces. ? The general comon sense rule is you get what you pay for 🙂

  7. 4thdarby schreef:

    wow brian you go all out with waxin buddy,be over in a? little so you can do mine…lol J/K

  8. walkrobb1022 schreef:

    Nice job. You covered some good points that the pro’s didn’t cover like doing your door jams. You don’t have to invest a million in products to keep your car? looking great. Good video.

  9. RichardSoullie schreef:

    thanks for the video i? am just like you when i wax my truck, i often get water in my door jams so i have to make an extra effort to keep them clean

    could you do a video on how degrease an engine

    thanks a lot

  10. MSDJALC schreef:

    Nice video!
    I don’t know why but? I can’t get over how you can see his reflection in the truck… it is just funny to me…

  11. noodlecake71240 schreef:

    Those are some nice results you got there Brian,? you got that tailgate looking like a mirror!

  12. tapitio11 schreef:

    Thanks. Im gonna? wax my bros freinds car for 40 bucks so i have to learn how. Thanks!!

  13. mr350vortec schreef:

    nice video bro i like your? truck its nice

  14. Nvidiamaster123 schreef:

    is there any specific wax i should use or any wax will do it?….nice? video by the way its very informative… =)

  15. koioo2 schreef:

    i enjoy it i learn mi self so be nice to do more videos
    i do not know you as? a dj

  16. glassmanforu schreef:

    ehy thanks i? really like it now i ll go & wax my truck.

  17. jpena427 schreef:

    Cool video man!
    Maybe you should make a video about smoking your taillights, it’ll make? your truck look awesome!

  18. insanechickens schreef:

    that was a great video helped a lot man im 14 and i do ll the work on our cars so its great to have such a good video to just? reassure that the way i am gunna do it is right…. theonly thing i would say instead of circular motions i would go horizontally because i waxed a car once and it left swirl marks.. but if it works no need to change it up… once again thanks a lot man keep up the vids!

  19. dharmastipulate schreef:

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  20. loganxpxp schreef:


  21. sijadalhisnawi schreef:

    go to home and gt? rest

  22. TRDSpecs schreef:

    I already? feel that we are buddies.
    Wax cleaner is good preparation for a good coat of wax try waxing your car with meg16 and it will last way longer!

  23. amergy schreef:

    Has to be the most informative video out there! You covered every minor detail down to water spots and? the plastic! You got a skill doing these videos.
    Keep them coming!

  24. blazzing4321 schreef:

    Thanks for the tips?

  25. NeonGenesisPlatinum schreef:

    Great video man, that tailgate is like a mirror? at the end!
    Nice work.

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