HOW TO-Wax your car (Very Detailed, Useful Information) **Also refer to description

**PLEASE NOTE: “Liquid Polymer Carnauba Wax” is not the same as a Low Cost, Low Quality, common liquid wax. These same techniques apply to your RV, Motorcycle, truck and Bus. 1. Blue Coral Car soap (or similar, avail. at wal-mart) I use a different one that is professional grade. If you cant find it then the Blue Coral or Similar will do just fine. 2. “MOTHERS” Car Polish **The Name has been changed to “MOTHERS” PRE-WAX CLEANER. (refer to video to know where to get it) 3.”PINNICLE BRILLIANCE” car polish (message me to know where to get it). 3.B. “Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Bar Kit” (message me to know where to get it). 4.”TURTLE WAX” rubbing compound (refer to video to know where to get it) 5.For The- Liquid Polymer Carnauba Wax…..i can recommened 3 brands. A.- “Mothers Reflections” B.- “BriteMax” C.- “PC” (Message me to tell you where to get them). 6. For the- Carnauba Paste Wax I recommened 3 Brands/Types A.- “Pinnacle Souvran” B.- “Pinnacle Souvran Signature Series ll” C.- “Guru Wax” (message me to find out where to get them). 7.100% cotton Applicator (for waxes available at wal-mart or similar)**do not use the foam ones that come with some waxes** 8. 100% cotton T-shirt or cotton terry cloth (for rubbing compound) **make sure it has no decals and is not contaminated with strong laundry detergents or especially fabric softeners. 9.100% cotton Micro-Fiber Towels (for buffing out and removing the waxes) **Avaiable at Wal-Mart or Similar. Any other questions just ask

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25 Reacties op HOW TO-Wax your car (Very Detailed, Useful Information) **Also refer to description

  1. jeanrobert70 schreef:

    good job
    . i found what i was looking for

  2. TR4zest schreef:

    Nice video, I subbed. Refreshing to hear ‘you are only protecting the work that you have already done.’ People are confused. WTF is a cleaner wax? Its like hair shampoo with conditioner – it does neither well. A glaze, a polish, a swirl remover? Folks need to understand if its not wax, its job is to remove paint/clearcoat. I might have included a clay bar step. Maybe you already have that in your archive – I’ll take a look. Anyway – refreshing clarity. Thanks, Brian

  3. kiiyo1 schreef:

    great vid but can you go into step by step for us newly manly/to lazy so we pay others people?

  4. cali2092007 schreef:

    so what happens if you had a different kind of paint job? do you use a different type of wax?

  5. ElNino1092 schreef:

    amazing vid!!! i start detailing at a local body shop tomorrow so i decided to look up some polishing and waxing tips but your video was amazing and the best waxing & polishing video on youtube! thank you so much!!

  6. fanuvgod1 schreef:

    So is a “rubbing compound” a “polish”?

  7. Globalspeedster schreef:

    Thank you very much for making this excellent detailing video, which is most appreciated.

  8. spcaue schreef:

    Thank you very much, good video. The waxing part is Ok, but I heard that if you POLISH too much, you end up hurting the paint, you remove the swirls, as well as the paint gradually. But very nice video.

  9. desicuts schreef:

    how do u remove dirt that feels like small stones that did not come off with the washing process.
    also, is MOTHERS PRE-WAX CLEANER a polish. finally can u use microfibre towels for applying the polish and wax.

    and Great video.

  10. gruffski schreef:

    AWESOME VIDEO!!! thank you 🙂

  11. Nebrida23 schreef:

    What are your opinions on the Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0? Liquid or the paste form.

  12. chrisblued4 schreef:

    i waxed my last car and i got swirl marks all over the car, sisnse then i have bought a 2010 chrysler 300 limited and im REALY nervouse to wax it, i dont want to ruine the paint. Any ideas of what i did wrong? i used mothers.

  13. ckdafinest schreef:

    Chrisblue sounds like u waxed ure car in the sun?? Or while the vehicle was hot. When u apply the wax keep on rubbing it in every on ure car until it feels smooth also make sure u apply the wax evenly all over ure vehicle

  14. 93bradley schreef:

    mothers is the best!

  15. 14lcdtvs schreef:

    great video, I learned a lot. Thanks.

  16. kabutabi schreef:

    So what should I do to wax around nasty gashes in my paint? I have a truck so alot of people mess up my paint on the doors, and it’s nothing I can repair with a paint pen or polish out.

  17. NORMAN3016 schreef:

    thanks , u the man…!!!!

  18. kakkarisha schreef:

    thnk u.. ill agree i was one of them who tht polish n wax is the same thing.. followed ur instruction.. know my bimer looks dam nice.. Thnks buddy…

  19. jjoncm1 schreef:

    @desicuts Clay bar probably

  20. powerata05 schreef:

    thanks man… nice video!!!

  21. droid98501 schreef:

    Best car waxing video on youtube!

  22. mumphis18 schreef:

    i want to do it on my gmc sierra 2008
    but i need more than one person the car is so freakin big!

  23. phillywalz schreef:

    very good sir

  24. djlennondbm schreef:

    have a question. my car’s got little drops of elastometric paint… you have any idea on how to remove these drops????

  25. 1006Will schreef:

    I have a question and please help: I have a alpine white bmw 328i and now there is a spot that’s been hit and is about the size of your thumb nail. I accidentally backed my car into an object and now there spot that is revealed without paint. All i know is tat there is no paint on that spot anymore, i see a black dot (like metal) there so the hit was kinda deep and took all the paint at that spot off the car, I bought a touch up paint brush, what am i supposed to do now?

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