Karate Kid Lesson 1 (Wax on Wax off)

Daniel first lesson in karate is washing a car.

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25 Reacties op Karate Kid Lesson 1 (Wax on Wax off)

  1. rexman92 schreef:

    omg dont tell me u havnt herd of fresh prince of belair?!?!?!? LOLZ

  2. the81kid schreef:

    Confucius say… man with hand? in water, have wet hand.
    Or something.

  3. VentusBlade217 schreef:

    This guy is pulling? a Tom Sawyer on this kid.

  4. Mikemaat1 schreef:

    You? might say……he waxed off.

  5. Antwnhs92 schreef:


  6. ????????? ?????????? schreef:


  7. Antonio Guamil schreef:

    Budha say “Man who grab crotch, will have voice? like Michael Jackson”

  8. floofytown schreef:

    When your name is Jackson, people will inevitably call you Jacks-on, which will inevitably be followed? by jacks-off. Which will inevitably be followed by a punch from my fist to their fucking egg-sack.

  9. fibbsabaddy schreef:

    Still one of the best philosophy lessons you? could wish to have.

  10. Iakovos Chri schreef:

    Wax On WaxOff? Bitch!

  11. xBrand0n97 schreef:

    its a girl *facepalm?

  12. Gravesthetics schreef:


  13. DanGan808 schreef:

    Great scene from a great? movie, I love it!

  14. supersecretbronyclub schreef:

    Profile pics showing next to comments weren’t? implemented until just recently.

  15. xBrand0n97 schreef:

    you used? a colon in front of your facepalm

  16. supersecretbronyclub schreef:

    You must? be new here.

  17. xBrand0n97 schreef:

    haha idc your a fag “super secret brony club” what are? you a toddler faggot

  18. supersecretbronyclub schreef:

    So liking a tv show makes me a toddler.
    Does that mean 5 year olds who watch Penn And Teller are Libertarians? Or people? that watch anime are automatically weeaboos or japanese?

    Shut the fuck up.

  19. supersecretbronyclub schreef:

    Besides, within in the first week of making this channel, I’ve gained more? subs then you ever will.

  20. xBrand0n97 schreef:

    haha no Why? the hell would i care

  21. 1peterkim123 schreef:

    And that’s? why noone likes you.

  22. Carolina Sculti schreef:

    I? think its a mamn.

  23. xBrand0n97 schreef:


  24. Shizuo Heiwajima schreef:

    that car better sparkle cause mr miyagi doesn’t play?

  25. xGhostKidx9 schreef:


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