Mad TV – Spishak (Car Wax)

perfect for your vehicle

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25 Reacties op Mad TV – Spishak (Car Wax)

  1. urdgk222 schreef:

    hahah the car looks like the mexican flag ftw hahhahaha a mexican carr

  2. PuppyXz schreef:

    @Tacoguy1000 Yeah, or your fat mum.

  3. jenax36 schreef:


  4. Tacoguy1000 schreef:

    @PuppyXz Just saying it would be classic

  5. pytko3 schreef:

    @Tacoguy1000 Yeah and SCUD missiles.

  6. jaxc89 schreef:

    @bayliXbrutal and ied’s,sasquash,andmaple syrup

  7. mrivera1 schreef:

    Anyone notice how the license plate looks completely clean, even after all is said and done?

  8. bp408 schreef:


  9. grrrr17 schreef:

    Easter rocks. lol

  10. jagarcia0705 schreef:

    Spishak Car Wax protects your car against water damage. Unfortunately it can’t protect your against Paint, Primer, Transformer Action Figures, Eggs, Easter Eggs, Easter Rocks, Sand, Plasma Grenades, Red Ring of Death X-Boxes, Complete Series of Lost on Blu-Ray, Paint Ball Guns, Chainsaws, Energy Swords, did we mention Plasma Grenades, World of WarCraft players, StarCraft 2 players & direct hits by Covenant Scarabs. Spishak Car Wax its just wax.

  11. xkennyPLx schreef:

    They just wanted to destroy a car.

  12. applefritters5064 schreef:

    at least its safe from water.

  13. jaxes88 schreef:

    damnit that was a nice caddy

  14. stephanienyc1 schreef:


  15. faithvamp schreef:

    well i wont buy this car wax, if it doesn’t protect my car from boat anchors. he he he

  16. Fingerprints101 schreef:

    I want that Spishak’s Spish-Wax.

  17. launchsystem schreef:

    Dont drop the bat your still gonna need it!

  18. Jmsb526 schreef:

    Poor Cadillac.

  19. Thekimwer schreef:

    Has this ever happened to u? *spill* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -all calm-

  20. phoenix88049 schreef:

    i love how he just threw the mahogany wood stain

  21. PomadeHead schreef:

    i fucken hate thiss they ruined a fucken Cadillac fuck this

  22. tX0utlaw schreef:

    Lawl Mahogany wood stain!

  23. dingdongplatypus schreef:

    easter rocks

  24. veronicafan2000 schreef:

    9 People Used Spishwax

  25. Belailyo schreef:

    this has happened to 10 people

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