Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0

How to create a flawless paint finish.

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25 Reacties op Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0

  1. Thaxtj2 schreef:

    @N0Err0r Yeah right, cause this great wal mart product REALLY WORKS WONDERS, this is junk, SWISSVAX all the way. MENZERNA power lock does a? better job

  2. necrorazer schreef:


  3. graycloud057 schreef:

    This stuff works! Just tried it out, and all? I can say is, Meguiars ROCKS!

  4. Lokussapiens schreef:

    meguairs promise bing bling and miracles. That? type of swirls is removed by being cut in the clear paint coat. I don’t believe this video! Also I guess it will come back after a few washes. I gonna try this polish tomorrow though.,,

  5. cbrandom schreef:

    So two weeks later after the fillers in the 2.0 have disappeared from all the swirl marks, then what do you tell your customers? That paint needed correction, not? some B.S. filler wax that doesn’t last. And FWIW I USE this wax. It looks good, but it definitely does not last.

  6. cbrandom schreef:

    @12danny21 I have both,? I think both are good. Don’t throw away your older bottle just to get the 2.0.

  7. equinoxranch schreef:

    I am certain that the NXT 2.0 is very good, the end results are impressive. I used the paste – not liquid – version and found its application (on a perfectly prepared, cleaned and endlessly polished surface) to be nearly impossible via no adherence from the applicator pad……. I had to really push extra hard on the surface to witness any application of the wax to the surface. Ridiculous. And removal is very demanding. If I ever use it again, it will only be the liquid, NEVER the ?@#$!? paste!

  8. TheCarPaparazzi schreef:

    if you try to shine someones bald head with this will? it work?

  9. wallalicious schreef:

    What is the best wax to buy, the 2.0 tech wax, or the quick wax spray?? I think the 2.0 tech wax should be lasting longer becouse his aplicated by hand.. Am I correct?

  10. 69chevymaro schreef:

    @wallalicious Go with NXT Tech? 2.0 , you won’t go back.. The quick spray wax is generally for boosting a paste or liquid wax, I use it once a month to boost shine and protection

  11. audiocable schreef:

    barry meguiars? been sniffing too much rubbing compound

  12. ridgygmcgeneralford schreef:

    the best waxe ive? ever used… hands down.

  13. ridgygmcgeneralford schreef:

    i fully did my tbird earlier. meguiars clay bar, meguiars cleaner wax, and then meguiars nxt gen 2.0 wax. i gave the hood, roof and trunk 2 coats. amazing products and i never get let down by meguiars!!! the shine on this silver bird was amazing. i parked it next to a black car that was just waxed at a detail shop and it was just as mirrored as the black car if not more. you cant get a silver car? to outshine a black car without the right product….meguiars:)

  14. marek0086 schreef:

    @equinoxranch~ U did something wrong. Was your clear-coat POLISHED using a PROPER polishing compound? prior to waxing??

  15. megundu12 schreef:

    with this product, when i apply it, how do i know that its the time i can? wipe the wax off with the micro fiber cloth??

  16. metalicpsp schreef:

    @69chevymaro Is the? NXT Tech 2.0 better than gold class wax with carnauba?

  17. tecnolover2642 schreef:

    My local wal-mart carries this product!! 15 dollars! and a bunch of other Meguiars products way to go walmart!! Their prices beat autozone on every one also. 🙂 ? Go to walmart first before you hit your autozone or checker and check!!

  18. tecnolover2642 schreef:

    Whatever Barry? is smoking I want some!!

  19. TheLiveRacing schreef:

    I own a mobil detailing business. I trust nothing but Meguiars. I have used everything from turtle wax products to commercial grade car cleaners and polishes. Meguiars is best for me. If it’s washing, waxing, or extreme detailing, Meguiars has never let me down. My customers are very happy with my work, and I am happy with? the Meguiars results at such a affordable price.

  20. DoleUSMC schreef:

    Its finally warm outside enough to detail my Phantom Black Evo X with TW 2.0. HOLY CRAP! What? a difference!!!! I dont think its looked this good since it rolled off the showroom.

  21. CHUCKL1DD3LL schreef:

    hi im Barry Meguiar and if i had no hands, i? couldnt talk!!

  22. maddvideos0 schreef:

    I hope this? works on my Subaru. Worst paint ever.

  23. WiseGuy02 schreef:

    Barry is so excited! Good? for him, obviously has a job he loves and makes a fortune doing it. What’s not to get excited about. Wish I was him!

  24. paddetail schreef:

    0:59 somthing applied before on the ferrari.. what? was it ?

  25. thedothedew schreef:

    Need to try this stuff on my? Z, I used turtle wax for years until it left white residue on my clear that would NOT come off, it took me using a degreaser to remove it…

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