NCIS – Bikini Wax Clip

Short Clip featuring Sukis Honda, Slap Jacks golden Supra and the red Pickup from 2F2F.

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25 Reacties op NCIS – Bikini Wax Clip

  1. BarneyStinson14 schreef:

    I just saw that a coupe weeks ago, It’s on display at the Peterson Automotive Gallery in LA.

  2. Citydogz45 schreef:

    thats Gibbs for ya hahaha

  3. MG9videos schreef:

    poor McGee 🙁 lol

  4. Flashette92 schreef:

    wat episode is this?

  5. 23fuckup schreef:

    Bikini Wax

    Google says: Season 2 Episode 18 😉

  6. arankalovejosje schreef:

    hahaha ^-^
    LOOL =D

  7. Lerrinus schreef:

    Squeaky-clean McGee! LOL! 😀

  8. mphlohi schreef:

    If only Dinozzo had been there to see this firsthand.

  9. lionmanfan11 schreef:

    Tony would’ve LOVED that init! 🙂

  10. NCISfan083 schreef:

    aww poor, wet mcgee

  11. MonqieDance schreef:

    Poor McGee x]

  12. Kosty92trinity schreef:

    wow! all the cars are from Fast and Furious!

  13. ParisKills616 schreef:

    XDXDXD “…you could use a ….wash?…”

  14. pbrskater26 schreef:

    Damn, to bad that was not Ziva or Abby!!!

  15. SoulEater117 schreef:

    he’s right the cars are all from fast and the furrious 1-2

  16. CefiroGuy3 schreef:

    very interesting that the escalade seemed to have been parked there for quite a while but the sinners are still spinning

  17. JOEHATCH213 schreef:

    those kids looking hard at Gibbs would get skullfucked

  18. TheJennxxx schreef:

    @Lerrinus Its Not Squeeky Clean McGee Its Antisapate McGee

  19. HowardTheSoccerer schreef:

    “These rims are called SPINNERS”… makes me somehow LOL

  20. 59cva schreef:

    what the hell dose that have to do with bikiniwax

  21. LauraahFTW schreef:

    @59cva it’s the name of the episode

  22. Ace5150 schreef:

    also If you look closely the red rx-7 from 2 fast is in the background for a quick sec.

  23. allaurae schreef:

    i dunno why but the way gibbs said ‘what the hell is that’ made me crack up laughing 🙂

  24. seph965 schreef:

    “Anticipate McGee” Gibbs rocks

  25. DreaDre2781 schreef:

    What are the pink cars in this episode?

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