Paris Hilton Burger Commercial – extended

Paris Hilton’s sexy burger ad

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25 Reacties op Paris Hilton Burger Commercial – extended

  1. J2928M schreef:

    What A Damn Shame That Nobody Even Bothered To Put A Fast Acting Poison In The Burger Or She Should’ve Choked To Death On The Burger.
    It Would Be A Relief To See That No-Good Stinking
    Stuck-Up Trashy Slut From Hell Get What She Deserves!
    I Think Cindy Crawford Has Always Been More Decent And Lots More SEXY.
    Paris, You’re TRASH 100% AND COUNTING!

  2. mariofan1340 schreef:

    im surprised she even took a bite

  3. mhcpop schreef:

    Paris is mega hot! Rox 🙂

  4. danielito0071 schreef:

    thats hot is bitch tahts hot
    is puta thats hot
    is perra thas hot
    is hot

  5. gracepaguinto schreef:

    gosh i can be a lesbian for her

  6. xxroyalityxx schreef:

    Omg. This is pretty pathetic. If you didnt show the burger king stuff at the end, noone would get that this was a commercial for a BURGER. Not porn xD

  7. SFMonster schreef:

    That’s it? That’s what all the controversy was about?

    People need to get out of the house more.

  8. nathans75 schreef:


  9. DJFG85 schreef:

    FUCK she is hottttttttt!

  10. noobclone schreef:

    That ain’t Burger King, that’s Hardee’s logo. That “Smiling Star” thing.

  11. SapphireAMP schreef:

    yep, she’s hot…

  12. xodudeitsemily schreef:

    Ew wtf

  13. sarcasim18 schreef:

    most American commercial of all time

  14. CROCODlLE schreef:

    I could sure use a burger.

  15. lexwashere schreef:

    that’s hot.Oh,damn that’s hot =]

  16. heaveneyez schreef:

    doesnt make me wanna eat a burger…

  17. BastardChain666 schreef:

    Oh now i think i want to eat a burger now, and not jack off. Oh yeah thats totally how i feel.

  18. Lojacques schreef:

    Looks like she could use a burger. Oh, anorexia.

  19. thailerrocks schreef:

    i bet she went and puked it all up after that in the dressing room. um miss hilton we need u for a second take “blaa blaaa”

  20. GypsyWytch13 schreef:

    If you ask me there is nothing sexy about eating a fatty, cholesterol-laden burger OR wearing the fur of a slaughtered animal.

  21. italianscorpio89 schreef:

    shut up PETA, like this is ANY different from ur dumbass ads abt being a vegi is sexy. and lieing to the public abt vegis have better sex, and trying to turn kids into vegan sluts, this is entertainment.

  22. plasticcatwoman schreef:

    Paris is smoking hot in that swimsuit. Wow what a body and pair of legs. Would love to have those babies wrapped around me!

  23. yourKrystalsweetie44 schreef:

    Im Yours Tonight

    fastsexfinder (dot) com

  24. wildnymph26 schreef:

    I wanna be friends first

    fastsexfinder (.com)

  25. DEUCEAMATIK72 schreef:

    common…if paris was flirting/hitting on any of you people (guy or girl)
    you would all end up being her toy…plain & simple
    you are full of shit if you say different !!
    she is one of the hottest girL’s around 🙂

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