Pinnacle – How to properly wax your car

Proper techniques on how to wax your car using Pinnacle Products.

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  1. Kris Hopkins schreef:

    Keep getting errors trying to watch this,? may want to reload it to Youtube.

  2. matthew miller schreef:

    nice video. i have an 86 supra that i detail. i use turtle wax with the applicator pads, and a microfiber towel to put it in, works nicely. it’s a great? car and it turns a lot of heads with all the modifications 🙂

  3. autogeek schreef:

    Turtle Wax?

    I always say,? “Find something you like and use it often”

    Hey if it’s working for you go for it but our online store carries so many high quality products. Autogeek . net

    -Mike Phillips

  4. matthew miller schreef:

    I used it on my? car, so far it’s been doing pretty good, supposedly it’s good stuff but i’m sure that there’s better stuff out there

  5. autofrappe schreef:

    is it ok to use a? polisher on a new car? or rather hand polish it? sence it has no swirl marks yet?

  6. autofrappe schreef:

    is it ok to use a polisher on a new car? or rather hand polish it? since it has no swirl? marks yet?

  7. autogeek schreef:

    Perfeclty safe, check out our forum at AutogeekOnline . net

    Much better interface for asking questions and learning how to? machine polish

    -Mike Phillips

  8. cozman6226 schreef:

    Pinnacle has the best products I have ever used, and I’ve tried a shit ton of different ones. I love the liquid souveran wax and the body cleansing lotion together for my new BMW M3. My car looks amazing, people compliment? the finish everywhere I go. I’ll have to send the Pinnacle folks some pictures. I’ve found a winner here and will never use anything else on my cars. Thanks Pinnacle, love the videos also!!!

  9. mlnc0087 schreef:

    I have a question.. so this video features 5 or 6 Pinnacle bottled products… To get the finish demonstrated on the video, is it necessary to have all the products featured in this video?? The reason why I ask is because I’m not sure? this video is just showing each Pinnacle product and what it’s used for OR if this is really all the things you need for a legit wax job. Someone please explain. Thanks so much!

  10. autogeek schreef:

    That is an older video that I didn not make but I know the answer to your questions…

    To remove swirls and polish and wax to? a high gloss with Pinnacle you need, Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover, Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish and Pinnacle Carnauba Wax, either paste or liquid.

    Also, go to google and copy and paste this into the window,

    How to maximize the ability of the 1st Gen Porter Cable Dual Action Polishers


  11. mlnc0087 schreef:

    Thank you very much? Mike!!

  12. Elchori79 schreef:

    Hi Mike !, have you got some how to wax black cars ?? thanks!

  13. autogeek schreef:

    I wax black cars just like I wax all cars and that’s by machine using a Porter? Cable DA Polisher. I have 3 articles on this topic on the AutogeekOnline . net discussion forum.

    Remember, if you’re working on a clear coated car you’re not really working on black paint but on clear paint and thus it really doesn’t matter what the underlying color is because you’re only affecting the top coat.


  14. joevs21001 schreef:

    Like Mr. Miyagi said” Waxa on, Waxa Off”.

    Piannacle is some of the best stuff out? there. Very user friendly and their products used in unison with one another are 2nd to none.

  15. jrdogc1 schreef:


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