Polish Car – Remove Scratches with a Machine Buffer

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24 Reacties op Polish Car – Remove Scratches with a Machine Buffer

  1. Sebastian6259 schreef:


  2. truelazerlight schreef:

    Unfortunately these tips are useless to me as I have a French car, not a Polish? one …

  3. carfreak1024 schreef:

    go buy the equipment,? or take it to get it detailed

  4. AeroDurbanite schreef:


  5. thiagormichels2 schreef:

    My? video /watch?v=BvIewPX_Eb4

  6. derrickengineer schreef:

    You forgot to show the before scratch… then the? after buffing…

  7. lgttb1 schreef:

    i? wouldnt allow him to touch my car

  8. Spottermarc2011 schreef:

    That? looks pretty great… that’s what she said =)

  9. boomy818 schreef:

    betterthan “expert” village?

  10. mikixP schreef:

    how many? times times did he say RUBBING COMPOUND ??

  11. jamie211983 schreef:

    bet he loves the buffer touching his balls.?

  12. opie7afe schreef:

    oh yeah make some buffer trails in the paint!, dont follow the instructions in this video, he should have used an orange or white lake country pad and a polish not a compound, dont take paint correction advice from a body shop guy…watch autogeeks videos…?

  13. sinoperture schreef:

    Zed.? Not zee…..

  14. mendrmic schreef:

    So where is the polish car??

  15. expoints schreef:

    suck this compound polish those? balzs LOL

  16. RoniisH schreef:

    Depends where you’re? from.

  17. JmAA7192 schreef:

    FAIL trying? to put your safety glasses on

  18. crazydaisygirl9 schreef:

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  19. NeverDieKnight schreef:

    Cocksucker just because his voice sounds different doesnt mean hes gay. In? fact hes doing a more manly job than you sitting infront of your computer…

  20. bendover90 schreef:

    You like? him then?

  21. melecio1 schreef:

    who care, its not you problem, i just care about my life not someone? life, get a life

  22. slavikutis schreef:

    torro! very sexy? presenter 🙂

  23. SteelBustingBiker schreef:


  24. SteelBustingBiker schreef:


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