Polishing & Waxing — Hand v Machine by Car Care Products

This short video shows the application of Lime Prime, a Pre-Wax cleanser with micro-abrasives (similar to a fine polish) and the application / removal of a quality, paste carnauba wax. We compare the process by Hand versus by DAS6 RO Polisher for speed and ease. All products used can be found at www.carcareproducts.com.au

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3 Reacties op Polishing & Waxing — Hand v Machine by Car Care Products

  1. TechWithLukasz schreef:

    Another fantastic video!? I always appreciate someone showing proper methods of detailing. Very nice advice and tips as always. Keep up the great work!

  2. carwash1009 schreef:

    You are the? best detailer.

  3. TheCeki1982 schreef:

    Nice. I use these steps and products everytime! Dodo juice limpe prime, and dod juice purple haze soft wax. Both cars a BMW? > hard paint. Buy it, use it, be happy.

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