Swedish Self-Cleaning Toilet

Swedish Self-Cleaning Toilet

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25 Reacties op Swedish Self-Cleaning Toilet

  1. jaymanxxxx schreef:

    that toilet must get fuked up alot…….

  2. pinayatlove9 schreef:

    I Want This Toilet.:D

  3. 1999nelson schreef:

    lazy people

  4. FalloutMassacure schreef:

    @PleaseCrySomeMore the people who sniff coke in clubs,open ur eyes and get out and see the world dude

  5. FalloutMassacure schreef:

    im sorry if u dont live in a shithole where nearly everone does drugs.kid?basement?wanking over youtube?dont start a argument when you dont know the other person im just here to watch vids not get into arguments with assholes like you who just crave on them.if you really seen the world for what it is you will find the world is a fucked up place and not a picture purfect place ive seen more dope than u have seen comments.fyi ur fucked up in the head

  6. gabraham12 schreef:

    Yeah, but what about the inner bowl- it should be able to self-clean this as well.

  7. Corvetteracer92 schreef:

    I love how the other women in the bathroom kinda know she is about to do coke.

  8. LandFisken schreef:

    How did i end up watching toilets…

  9. timtheloner schreef:

    i think there should be self cleaning toilets everywhere.

  10. TheRealGeriBoss schreef:

    242 people lost their drugs in Sweden.

  11. KoreaRwkz schreef:

    @FalloutMassacure Don’t tell people like him to stop. They’re good business. People could really use that extra easy money selling drugs to people who want more and more of it each day and you don’t have to advertise to make sales. I don’t and probably won’t really do that but for the money-minded, they gotta admit it’s good business.

  12. KoreaRwkz schreef:

    @mza131313 Ka-ching! Business! If you do drugs, it’s to the dealers’ benefit in every way and in a big way too.

  13. 0prahTV schreef:

    a good toilet always takes one for the team

  14. paxpacis2 schreef:

    @LandFisken excactly bro, exactly

  15. paxpacis2 schreef:

    she’s hot

  16. 4014Thugsy schreef:

    LOL Hilarious

  17. tiedupsmurf schreef:

    are coke heads really that nasty?to use toilet seat dirty cow

  18. plentiner schreef:

    well aint that a let down..?poor bitch!ha

  19. FK42 schreef:

    the scream at the end is the funniest ever ! !

  20. MrHomeChef schreef:

    Who the fuck would kneel on a dirty, piss soaked public toilet floor, and snort their coke off of the fucking seat? That’s what the TANK is for!

  21. TEARZNJOEKER schreef:


  22. Art13bg schreef:

    One of the best commercial evaaaaaa 😀

  23. jsc1215 schreef:

    Leave it to the Swedes to incorporate an anti-drug message with clean restrooms. Classic!

  24. Disturbed12180 schreef:

    Thumbs up if you searched this because of Ko Capable music video

  25. dellthinker schreef:

    I’ve seen these toilets with plastic at the airports and train stations and maybe some restaurants. What this commercial doesn’t show is that the plastic sometimes gets caught and can’t cycle properly leaving the old plastic of someone who sat on it. Once I went to a stall with one of these and the seat had SHIT ALLLLLL over it and the plastic couldn’t spin.

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