Tech Wax – How To

Meguiar’s Tech Wax, A How To

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  1. meguiarsasia schreef:

    Yes that is correct, but each paint is different. Some are single stage and others are not….each paint will react differently. If you are a pro…go for a rotary with M105 and then M205 followed by this tech wax! A quick and easy method for consumer is tech wax to polish and protect and then UQD or? UQW to maintain. A DA is always better than by hand if you want to really get into it!

  2. Deke1 schreef:

    My car is eight years old, never waxed before and I used Meguiars Step one cleaner, followed by turtle wax ice liquid polish and topped it off with Meguiars NXT 2.0 paste wax and I was really impressed with the results… I couldn’t? believe the depth of the shine…

  3. Liberaltedjo schreef:

    how much it is ???? in rupiah, i want to buy for like this,? paint bad

  4. gsmetal schreef:

    I discovered this product years ago and I’m still amazed on how great my car looks when I’m doing using it. I have a 99 Sebring convertible in “Arrest Me Red” paint and the car looks like brand new when I’m done. People comment all the time they can’t believe the car is over 10 years old. Make sure you wash your car well? before using is.

  5. Illmatic662 schreef:

    I used this before on my Infiniti M35 and i LOVE IT! The cars looking freaking amazing after. Now i decided i am? buying only Meguiars products. But the selection is so big, i don’t know where to start. =)

  6. hoopfan71 schreef:

    I just bought some Tech Wax today, because I’ve heard from several people that it works great. I’m going to? be detailing a friend’s 4Runner this weekend using all Meg’s products, so I’m anxious to see how well this stuff works.

  7. Illmatic662 schreef:

    That’s great to hear. I recently just bought? a meguiars washing glove, and the Meguiars Water absorbing towel. I haven’t used them yet but once i am ready i will use both at once.

  8. barthoedemaker schreef:

    You can see all the swirls, I hate machine polishing jobs, it’s just bad. Just do it by hand, the real pro’s? understand what I mean;) and it will be so much better, this paint is ruined anyhow…

  9. smczack1 schreef:

    The stuff is? awesome, love it. Megs is the best.

  10. xjungfreud schreef:

    If you know how to use a machine, its one of the only ways to get swirls out…check out the crew at autogeek or detailing bliss. They are pretty? educational

  11. ReverseWhiplash schreef:

    What song is this?

    Its? very soothing!

  12. 12danny21 schreef:

    how thick? of a layer of wax should i leave on? when i wax, i use a couple pea sized droplets and i only gently apply it to a small surface to have a thick layer of wax, am i doing it wrong because when i watch your waxing videos, the person rubs quite hard and has a super thin layer of wax on. just wondering if i am doing it wrong. thanks

  13. meguiarsasia schreef:

    @12danny21 you should put about a coin size on the pad and work in a 2ft by 2ft area working it in smoothly. Then use your finger and swipe the surface to feel if its dry to the touch and not greasy feeling. If it feels greasy…wait, otherwise use a clean microfiber and remove….1st by swiping the surface to remove majority? of wax 2nd circular motions to create a flawless finish

  14. l4l2l0l schreef:

    @12danny21 You need to leave behind as thin of a coat as possible so that it will fully dry in a minimal amount of time. The idea is for it to be 100% dry so that the wax protection you want to leave behind on the paint? is NOT removed or smeared/streak on the surface as you remove the excess. LIGHT pressure especially on soft paint!

  15. 4jiggy1 schreef:

    why u rubing other side? LOL

  16. pierinho schreef:

    i drive a metalic sand color h3
    what can i use to bring out the? shine before applying nxt tech wax?
    or will this wax do the job?

  17. meguiarsasia schreef:

    @pierinho this should do the job, but if you want EVEN MORE shine, use our deep crystal polish before this wax…..our gold class wax will give more shine than NXT? also, but NXT will last longer.

  18. theguy1224 schreef:

    This wax is the best i’ve used that can easily be applied by hand.? Thats not a bias statement considering i have the same car thats on the bottle lol. But seriously this wax is good and i’ve tried them all. Mothers, zymol, zaino etc. This is the best for anyone who applies their wax by hand.

  19. djnevous3us schreef:

    hi i have carbon fiber hood, trunk,fenders,? etc and some spots look like they are getting oxidized what can i do 2 protect them?

  20. meguiarsasia schreef:

    @djnevous3us if they are oxidizes, use? ultimate compound and then follow this with tech wax 2.0. This should help protect them! 😀

  21. djnevous3us schreef:

    @meguiarsasia? ok cool thx 🙂

  22. meguiarsasia schreef:

    @toyota4life94 thanks for the kind comments! be sure to? check us out on facebook also at….. for your ride, simply wash it, clay if you need to…..then apply the wax and UQW afterwards…… usually people apply UQW not right away after the tech wax 2.0….. its best to let it cure first

  23. kjwade schreef:

    @meguiarsasia I have a blazing copper(orange) mazda6, its in great condition but when the winter is over I am going to take a day to take it to the next level. I will wash it with dawn(I don’t usually do that), then clay, then use your? ultimate compound. As a sealant for my orange car would Gold class liquid wax be better or this Tech wax? Ive heard great things about the tech wax and I think Im leaning toward that one but was wondering what you guys thought as far as which one was better for me

  24. meguiarsasia schreef:

    @kjwade either would work….if you want hydrophobic polymer and long lasting protection with a sharp look…..get the tech wax 2.0….if you want more shine and a wet look with a blend of polymers and carnauba….get? the gold class wax.

  25. kjwade schreef:

    @meguiarsasia Ill go for the tech wax for? the added “and long lasting protection” part lol

    THANKS a bunch for such a quick response!

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