There’s TOO many 2ch Surround Sound Systems – TRIPELLO occurs “better” in 3-D (by): QUIX-NZ “SEE” ?

Everywhere U Go There’s too many SURROUND sound systems.. But.! Which is BEST ? … TRIPELLO By: QUIX-NZ Because: “THE BEST” always occurs.. (with)in THREE’s (ie:) Inside 3 basic surround audio Channels that is .. Diversified OUTWARDS (yes – 4eva outWD’s) In a “specially_designed” (triangulated) Matix Format. Exactly the SAME WAY : That Bee’s create their waxen HoneyCombs Which ensures a truely BALANCED “Surround Sound” No matter how diversified (or dispersed) your “final” speaker arrangements Thus? Even though… There’s TOO many 2ch Surround Sound Systems TRIPELLO occurs (better) in 3 SEE ? Oh & as to the: ILLEGAL CLAIM .. by some ficticious “youtube” collective society.. (A completely non existant single entity) Ficticiously entitled as: Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society (which incidentally just means) THAT one of YOUTUBE”s (own) auto matching section .. Which has “maliciously” returned a false positive .. Based ONLY on a “similarity to” – something else THAT CLAIM — is a complete LIE. Why? Because not only is FAIR USE allowed under USA LAW (where youtube itself is based) But in New Zealand .. (where I am based).. FAIR DEALING also applies. Re: New Zealand (See also: Copyright law of New Zealand) In New Zealand, fair dealing includes some copying for private study, research, criticism, review, and / or for news reporting. Sections 42 and 43 of the Copyright Act 1994 set out the types of copying that qualify. The criteria are perhaps most similar to those

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7 Reacties op There’s TOO many 2ch Surround Sound Systems – TRIPELLO occurs “better” in 3-D (by): QUIX-NZ “SEE” ?

  1. QUIX4U schreef:

    ANALOGUE “surround sound” Deplexer Decoders? (of which I & I alone have made – by hand – ever since 1965) .. can AND DO .. “make” a huge difference to the WAY – in “which’ any 2ch stereophonic Musical recording can be “PLAYED” .. when played direct through one of these systems .. such that the HARMONIC RESULTS .. can then also be “specifically” REMASTERED .. in any fashion whatsoever.. to then be RE_RECORDED – just “LIKE” I have done here .. (this version has been phase shifted SIDEWAYS .. twice)

  2. QUIX4U schreef:

    Plus: A little known “extra” effect that I also use – can then be ADDED – into the TRANSFORMATED image of what “should” just be the sound ? LIKE the original “played” musical piece.? Such that when the HARMONIC is thus “interlaced” SDRAWKCAB – both OVER & Under the (variagated) phase shifted versions – this then creates a psuedo harmonic effect.! AND YET – one cannot immediately TELL the difference (yet there it is) “slipping into” that Snare “noise” which is that – of a sound ? PLAYED BACKWARDS

  3. QUIX4U schreef:

    In this version playing here? “different” PL:AY directons are altered across “phase” rotation angles with resultant “harmonic” Phase Vector (angle) shifts as well.
    Such that although ONLY one original song “played”
    The “resultant harmonics for each provisional recording channel
    Has completely different tonal effects from the “other” ch’s harmonic (tonal) effects.
    BUT WAIT – there’s more.
    ONLY one track plays forwards
    Whilst it’s opposing “track/ch” (simultainiously) “plays” SDRAWKCAB

  4. QUIX4U schreef:

    Therefore: Even though both of these 2ch’s (recorded via the video’s audio) are? “playing” in youtube in ONE directon
    They were actually “RECORDED” in different directions (during the remastering process I use) whilst “containing” their own harmonics – derived from differently altered phase vector angles – creating “sound effects” by playing sound into two different “rotational” phase angles.
    THUS COMES A THIRD (completely) NON EXISTANT “resultant” sound which is deveolped INSIDE YOUR OWN HEAD

  5. QUIX4U schreef:

    The “sealed” (see through) tubing effect allows? for instantainious “visual” viewing of the “moving” electron paths (taken at each instantainious point in time) which allows the video’s viewer – to literally SEE individual electrical current NEURONS as they travel via “Alernating Current Flow” in EACH of the three ARMS (ch’s) created by this “specially designed” video – and by being a completely “sealed” environment – the viewer cannot help but see.. ALL MOVEMENT is “balanced” in perpetual motion

  6. QUIX4U schreef:

    Basically – this is EXACTLY what occurs inside ANY “properly” constructed sealed (& or ported) speaker enclosure.! Whereby ALL speakers can thus “effectively” deliver SOUND – after it has been “transported” through time, space “and” electrical cable wiring (to each & every speaker ever made) by simply transformating the AC electrical? signal – into a physically moving Pulsed DC “sound” – via simple electrical pulses PUSHED into each leg of that tubing via green blue & red “dots” (yet none escape)

  7. QUIX4U schreef:

    In other words.. !
    The “whole system” is? completely & irrevocably..?
    As is (true) “analogue” Surround_Sound (outside)
    It is ONLY supposed to fully immerse the listener in total sound
    In a fully “balanced” – AUDIO SOUND SYSTEM ..
    Which neither loses electrical energy “inside” itself.
    Nor gains any “outside” sound interferrence
    That normally diminishes the listeners pleasure.
    In other words – a “sealed & balanced” system
    Unlike virtual surround that deflates in open air

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