turtle wax ice

trying out the turtle ice liquid wax to see it it really work and gets the best shine out of youre car

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  1. belizetj schreef:

    Nice? vid btw.

  2. silaskey schreef:

    Well what about putting it? on the windshield to clear during a rainstorm?

  3. Amel22 schreef:

    well then use black box that what i use on? my black challenger works really nice

  4. freak227z schreef:

    this wax is the best only on one aspect: is the easiest to use by far? I apply the wax and wait 5 minutes and then remove it and works better no matter the sun but to nbe honest it fades very quickly and you have to reapply too soon!!!

    AHHH i almost forgot it smells very cool!!

  5. bbdynamic7828 schreef:

    @bedcap I use it on my @2008 Mercedes and my 2006 Subaru Legacy both black and they look great. The only problem is that it only? lasts around 1 week or like you said it comes off if you wash the car.

  6. Feelgoodie schreef:

    Hey, do you think you could use that wax on the dashboard as well? Cause judging by the rubber near the rear view mirror, it could ork pretty good, and I am? currently looking for such product, that why I`m wonderin.

  7. Maleet Pobanz Finch schreef:

    Looks good!!! I do not prefer this on a light colored car and I have to disagree with one comment that I saw that said it was crap on black cars. My fiance has a black Challenger SRT8 and it makes the color DEEP… I think it takes a lot of work to remove but then again he always applies too thick of a layer. Its not a bad product but a bit? oily or something (which seems to help dark colors). their liquid claybar is total crap IMO though. lol

  8. ijuvatar schreef:


  9. ramasart10 schreef:

    not bad for? a jetta ;-P

  10. OSDCrusher schreef:

    gay fag? jetta

  11. MattMagyar schreef:

    Can? you apply ice polish then spray wax over it? Or is it one or the other?

  12. Gaurishankar Don schreef:

    i agree this? ice is rubbish..its hardly lasts and just sucks. Meguairs is way better!

  13. KoG GoK schreef:


  14. 89andyman schreef:

    this shit fucked? the finish of my car up DO NOT BUY THIS

  15. dennis crawford schreef:

    Its not protecting? it, its pure silicone! You’re better off using mineral oil! Your tires are friggen bald, use it on that and spin out!

  16. joninwv schreef:

    Its? not pure silicone. Educate yourself plz.

  17. gshdrums schreef:

    it pretty much is…?

  18. joninwv schreef:

    Which is no less ignorant than the first statement. Now that you admit the? first statement that is is “pure silicone” wasn’t true, its just “pretty much” silicone now you can enlighten us WTH difference that makes? If it works, it makes your car shine, it protects your finish, AND its easier to apply, then what is the drawback of a silicone based product. Or are you just parroting some crap you heard somewhere else?

  19. gshdrums schreef:

    Obviously it is? not pure silicone, but it acts like it. It is a silicone based glaze with polymers in it. I have only been detailing for 9 years…

  20. joninwv schreef:

    What does that mean? We have to? take your word for it instead of just answering the question? I’ve been detailing my own car for 20+ years. The original statement was “its not protecting it, its pure silicone”. My question to you wasn’t whether or not it contained silicon but rather your thoughts on why that is good or bad. Since you saw fit to speak up I thought you had something to add.

  21. gshdrums schreef:

    LOL, Most if not all polishes these days have silicone in them. Clear polishes like this and the gel types are full of it. It is what fills in swirls and scratches. There is another filler to but it is not really used anymore i cant remember the name of it….The silicone sort of melts its the paint to become a? layer on protection on top of the paint work. Does it protect, yes to an extent. How ever having no actual wax in it means this product just does not last like others. 🙂

  22. joninwv schreef:

    I have been using it on my Camry and the finish looks great. It also seems to bead up very well too. It doesn’t need to last as long? when it is so easy to apply. I wash my car about once a week and it applies in about 5 minutes and you can apply it to all the outside surfaces without whitening or looking messy. It wouldn’t be worth it if it was as hard as old waxes to apply for sure. Are there any similar products you would recommend that apply easily like that but protect better?

  23. gshdrums schreef:

    Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax? is the first product of meguiars exterior range that i think is good. It is a clear wax, like the mothers ones, so you can use it on all the plastic, glass, anything. It last a fair while to, probably 5 or 6 washes or more, and a couple of months which for a spray wax is amazing….It is probably even quicker than this to apply. Optimum Opti-Seal is another…..I usually stick with brands like DoDo, Duragloss, Poorboys, Collinite, Optimum…..

  24. gshdrums schreef:

    These products take more work yeh, but the difference in finish and protection compared to ICE and other off the shelf stuff is un matched by far. But i dont know what you guys get on the shelves over there. You should clay bar your car before putting ice on or any polish or wax…I think you need to clay your car and apply an? AIO cleaner wax. You should check out Duragloss #105 or #101, DoDo Need For Speed. Go to AutoGeek website and check out there brands. Cheap and FAR better than this stuff.

  25. bacardiconlimon schreef:

    Could you use the detailer turtle wax ice on the glass windows? A vid? would be nice to see

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