Turtlewax Super Hard Shell Car Wax Demo and Review

Here’s a demo on the TurtleWax Super Hard Shell Car Wax. It’s very easy and simple to use and takes very little time. It’s very affordable and lasts a long time.

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16 Reacties op Turtlewax Super Hard Shell Car Wax Demo and Review

  1. WonderWomanFan4life schreef:

    that looks great. seems easy enough. ?

  2. netman88 schreef:

    yes, it’s? very simple and easy to use.

  3. WonderWomanFan4life schreef:

    Hey!! Yeah I was trying to find a wax that i can do myself but not to take a long time. I just thought Hey I should look it up on YT.? thanks for your post. I will get some of this product tomorrow. I have to go to Pepboys I guess. or can you get it at Albertsons? i don’t really want to drive all the way to pep boys. But i forgot to ask you where you bought yours? I am not sure if I ever even bought Car wax. I remember my dad used Turtle Wax all the time. I just want my car Super shiny

  4. WonderWomanFan4life schreef:

    your car is very shiny. Today I saw some people with these shiny cars. when I take my car to CAR wash in my opinion it looks dull. They asked me if i wanted Super WAX but I was like how much is that? He was like $49.99 and I was like NOPE! ? I’m not trying to be cheap but I also dont have all day to wait. So I would get some exercise doing it myself maybe fun too.

  5. netman88 schreef:

    On my vehicle, I had wash and clay bar it also before at 1 point.

    I’m not familiar with? your vehicle so I don’t know. The TurtleWax works well on my vehicle.

  6. WonderWomanFan4life schreef:

    whats clay bar? is that soap or something?? Omg that sounds difficult.. But i betcha the stuff you use will work on my ford.

  7. netman88 schreef:

    I found it’s not easy to do clay bar. Turtlewax has a product for that also.? A professional for this maybe best.

  8. TurtleWaxTommy schreef:

    Great demo and review! Glad to hear you are happy with the? results. – Tommy

  9. NORTHofCALI schreef:

    lou fong?

  10. NORTHofCALI schreef:

    ill be wight back lol?

  11. Jx1x3 schreef:

    arrow errie otty, erma? wax on wax uff, be white wack

  12. agenthelios1 schreef:

    Yeah…getting car waxed at a “detail shop” is a rip off. You can buy extremely good quality? wax for under $20 and bottle will last you all year.

    Waxing will only take maybe 45 min. I detaill my car myself and a FULL detail with exerior and interior may take me 90 min. Once you get the feel for your cars curves and interior surfaces you can get it down quickly.

  13. tp22clt schreef:

    My brand is still title out? of the tub with the pad wedged on top. You know?

  14. ViperaPalestina schreef:

    Do I have to clay bar?? I don’t have time for that. What happens if I don’t clay bar?

  15. netman88 schreef:

    nope.? But it’s good if you can.

  16. danlc95 schreef:

    Super Hard Shell is a great one step, or all in one product. I did an Audi with it last? summer, and it wirked as good if not better that the stuff I get from my distributor.

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