Veet Wax Strips vs. Brazilian Hard Wax REVIEW!

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19 Reacties op Veet Wax Strips vs. Brazilian Hard Wax REVIEW!

  1. cityloveshoes schreef:

    haha YEA I live here in SD! thats so awesome, hey if you come down here this summer we should totally hang out! Im not subbed to her but I will totally check? her out!

  2. 2012KLM schreef:

    YOU LIVE IN SAN DIEGO??!! my aunt &uncle live there! &i go there like almost every summer!!:D
    Good Job! on this video. (lol)
    Are you subbed to ilikeweylie?? she is SOOO funny!! and she has several videos about waxing and shaving and? stuff like that!

  3. sandysandra100 schreef:

    thanks for sharing this..i been wanting to buy that Brazilian wax but i wasn’t sure cus i didn’t know nothing about Brazilian .. this video is the only one that has helped .. thanks . i decided not? to but that anymore. do you recommend another kind of Brazilian wax?

  4. cityloveshoes schreef:

    AW that means so much that this helped!!
    unless you have the heater its gonna be kind of annoying, there may be other kinds of waxes that are less messy but i have not tried any other ones. If you are looking into doing your bikini? line, i recommend getting it done professionally.

  5. hondurena4lyfe schreef:

    i think the reason that the veet wax strips didnt cover it all is because you have to use the veet wax strips? more than once. depending on the waxing power

  6. cityloveshoes schreef:

    you may be right, I thnk im going to try that next? time i buy 😀
    thanks for the tip!

  7. cityloveshoes schreef:

    that makes me sooo happy to hear! if you have anymore questions? feel free to email me! 😀

  8. sethbrook schreef:

    does the? veet wax strips work good for the bikini area? lol

  9. cityloveshoes schreef:

    you know i? actually dont know… i havent tried them for bikini… but im assuming theyd be fine, but just for bikini lines not the full “undercarriage” if you know what i mean lol

  10. ilikefood325 schreef:

    hey. im a guy. but i hate the whole idea of hair anywhere on my body other then my skull so yea. would you say the wax strips are good for? legs, stomach, arms, and my ass lol. i dont mean to be funny, but if you could seriously help me out id be much obliged. email is thank you

  11. Vanessa Delaney schreef:

    Very? informative! Thank you.

  12. drugstorediva09 schreef:

    Strips are better for your legs. HOWEVER hard wax? is soooo much easier for your lady parts =)

  13. andipedia schreef:

    Totally recommend you? try sugaring! Any residue it leaves comes off with warm water. Amazing.

  14. dfton schreef:

    ur so hot, i totally want to bang? you, omg, you have NO idea what id do to you 😉

    youre adorable!!!

  15. nessy17142 schreef:


  16. cityloveshoes schreef:

    haha thank you! I know i tend to babble? a lot! Im trying to work on it!

  17. NinjaAly schreef:

    You look like Jennifer? Lawrence! 😀

  18. babygirraffe schreef:

    I had the same problem with? the veet wax strips!

  19. irisisthis schreef:

    Use? some sort of oil to get rid of the residue. Works really fast and easy :3

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